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Are you looking for a new adventure in an action style? Then you are in the right place! Cup Head is a project that will make you forget about everything else until you fight everyone around. Once you start playing, you will be fully immersed in the retro cartoon atmosphere that is full of bosses and danger! Do you want to find out more? Then, let’s get started!

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About Cuphead and Mugman

These two characters are cute brothers that are never tired and always looking for something thrilling to try. They have a very unusual design – you will see cups instead their heads! The heroes have got bored one day. They know there is a casino in the neighborhood, but they were never allowed to go there. But today, they have decided to break this rule and sneaked inside the gambling house. Unfortunately, they dared to play without a special experience. And the Devil, the owner of the casino offered them a treacherous deal – if they succeed, they can take all the money. But if they do not, then he will own their souls. Obviously the guys are beginners, and they easily lost. The heroes are in despair and the Devil gives them a chance to pay off the debt by collecting the souls of other debtors in one day. So, Cuphead and Mugman are going to meet a fight an endless flow of different enemies and risk their lives! Finally, the player will be offered a choice between a bad ending, when the Devil wins and turns the characters into his slaves, and a good ending where the heroes take advantage and free the whole island.

How to play?

As you have already understood, the gameplay will be a continuous fight! The most exciting feature of Cup Head is rich content. Every time, you will meet a different boss. Each mission contains a completely new set of enemies, adventures and traps. Each battle is unique, each boss is exclusive and you will need to find an individual approach to destroy them all. Besides intense confrontations, there are levels that are very similar to ordinary platformers – you will have to run forward, shoot enemies along the way and collect coins at the same time. You will need to master all controls to successfully maneuver between jumps, runs and other stunts. You will also be able to use parrying – a special defensive method that will enable you to jump into the attack and bounce back. At first, it will be difficult to predict the behavior of your opponent, but soon you will enhance your skills and understand how all available stunts work. So do not waste any more time – dive into this thrilling fighting adventure and prove no boss can remain alive after the meeting with you!

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