Cuphead Indie Cross FNF

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All players who love action and adventure games surely know such cute characters as Cuphead and Boyfriend. The first one is the main personage from the popular indie series. It is a funny character with a cup instead of his head. Once he lost a game to the Devil. The results turned out to be very painful for him as his opponent has offered a very tricky way to repay the debts. Now, Cuphead has to meet different bosses and defeat them if he wants to remain alive. The other character in this game is Boyfriend. This personage is a plain blue-haired boy who is fighting for his love with the father of his Girlfriend. This confrontation is happening in a very sophisticated way. Daddy Dearest forces Boyfriend to take part in numerous rap battles and prove he has enough musical talents. And this time, he decides to arrange a confrontation between Cuphead and Boyfriend. So get ready to enjoy the best crossover ever released! This is going to be an epic fight as both contestants are strong enough to defeat each other. Do you remember the main rules of these musical competitions? You have to listen to new music and catch the rhythm with no fail. How to do it? Everything is very simple! You will see several floating arrows on the screen. You must press these to catch every beat of the song. How to know whether you did it correctly? Every participant has a health bar – in the beginning of the round it is green. But if you make too many mistakes, it will turn red and the game will be over for you. So you need to select the character you want to support and dance as well as you can to support him on the stage! Do not worry if you find it too complicated at first – just devote some time to training and soon you will become a real dancing pro! Have a lot of fun with these incredible characters!

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