Cup Head FNAF

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Do you remember a weird experience of the night guard in the popular Freddy’s pizzeria? In this game, all horrors from that plot have been fully recreated. But there are some changes, of course, and the first one is the place – now all events unfold in the Devil’s casino. Cuphead has stayed there for a bit longer, and now he will have to deal with all the FNAF bosses! The hero will literally transform into a night guard that must spend five long nights with crazy monsters! At first, the poor hero thinks that he just needs to wait peacefully till morning when the place will restart its day. But unfortunately, he does not know yet that his life is at stake. The casino place is not empty as he believes. Soon, he will receive a strange telephone call warning him he is not alone here. There are evil toys around that are just waiting for a favorable to attack somebody! And Cuphead is risking to fall their victim if does not take care! Luckily, unlike in the official release, this time, the hero will be armed. So there are more chances to protect himself from these terrible creatures – you can shoot them all. Your antagonists will be continuously moving around the location. You need to move your character avoiding bumping into any of them, otherwise the game will be over for you. And do not forget that you will have to recharge the hero’s energy to enable him to keep shooting. How to regain energy? Everything is easy – from time to time, you will see pieces of pizza floating in the air. You must catch these to refill the energy and keep fighting your enemies. For how long will you be able to hold out? Note, every night, you will receive a call with an important message – do not ignore it as this information may help you survive! And look around carefully – you will even see the Devil among your enemies! It will be extremely difficult to navigate with so many adversaries on the screen. But if you fully focus on the process, you have all chances to survive all five nights in this terrible company. You will definitely have a great time!

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