Cup Head

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Do you love endless fights with dreadful bosses? Then try new entertainment that will immerse you in a retro style cartoon atmosphere. It is a thrilling run and gun online game where you will be mainly involved in fights with all sorts of bosses. But let us have a closer look at the story. There are two main characters in this game – Cuphead and Mugman. They are brothers and love different adventures. The heroes cannot stop even for a minute and continuously look for more fun. So even they were warned not to visit the casino, they could not resist the temptation. And one day they sneaked inside the gambling house to have some fun. But of course, they lost! Now, they have to repay an impressive debt to the Devil, the casino owner. The guys do not have money to do it, so their enemy has developed a really sophisticated punishment for them! They will have to participate in endless fights with terrible bosses. Here, the developers added an element of horror. During the confrontation, the antagonists go through several stages of distortion, transforming into really scary creatures. To defeat them, you will have to master all the stunts and use them appropriately to achieve the best result. Learn the controls – you will have to jump, run, shoot and dash! And do not forget to master parrying! This defense maneuver will allow you to jump into an attack and then quickly bounce off! Parrying will allow you to reach high targets and move around location. It is vital to develop an individual strategy for each boss you meet. With some of them, you will have to continuously bounce around the location to remain alive, while with others you need to be extremely careful and quickly find a safe spot to stand still. You should not forget to pump your hero, by buying new weapons and various boosters for him. These purchases require in-game currency. Where to get coins? You can look for them around – there are many of them hidden in the most unexpected places. Once you have enough funds, buy more powerful devices for Cup Head as well as power-ups. Do not hesitate to start this incredible adventure and destroy as many treacherous bosses as you can. Every time, you can use different tricks and stunts, and each of your round will feel completely new once you are playing it from the very beginning. If you love active games, you will definitely enjoy this entertainment.

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