Cup Head 2

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Some games keep you involved from the first and to the very last moment. If you love to play, forgetting about everything around you, then we suggest that you try Cup Head 2! Some players may have already tried the first chapter of this thrilling game. In this case, you know the main characters. But here is some information for beginners. The main characters are Cuphead and Mugman. These are smart guys with a weird appearance – you will see cups instead of their heads! These two friends cannot sit for a long time with no fresh emotions. So they have decided to visit a casino one day. The heroes know well that this place is run by evil Devil, but their curiosity wins and they enter the casino. The visit is not successful, and the guys end up with impressive debts. Now the Devil demands to pay these back. He offers a really treacherous deal – the Devil asks the characters to participate in continuous fights and bring souls of other bosses. There is no other solution and Cuphead and Mugman have to agree. So now, you need to plunge into a series of fierce fights with all possible bosses. You will need to master a lot of stunts to be able to destroy all villains. The winning feature of this project is that every meeting with a new boss is like a separate story. And you will need to develop a unique strategy every time you come across a new antagonist. The controls will include jumps, dashes, runs and other actions you can use to attack your opponent. The developers added a very interesting stunt – parrying. It is the ability to attack and bounce back that is inevitable when you want to outperform all enemies. Be ready to devote enough time to training, otherwise, you will not develop the required skills needed to defeat your adversaries. And do not forget to take part in additional mini-games – these are platformers that allow you to earn some coins. This in-game currency is needed to pump your character – you can use it to buy new super powerful weapons and various boosters. The game is very engaging as you will always find something new when starting a new round. So do not miss to experience this fighting entertainment!

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